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Baby Nap Cap Sleep Aid and Sun Shade (blue)

December 24, 2011 Steve 0
Baby Nap Cap Sleep Mask & Sun Visor (Blue, Bag)
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New Invention! NapCap means Nap time! Unique Baby Sleep Mask! Use NapCap Sleep Mask whenever it is time for a baby’s nap. Babies learn to fall to sleep with repeated us of NapCap at nap time.
“The baby NapCap is my baby’s lights out cue!” says Lane K., a first-time mom. “When I put the cap on my little girl, she knows it is time to go to sleep. It is that easy!” Today’s family maintains a very hectic schedule that doesn’t always allow for putting baby down in the ideal sleeping environment. With the baby NapCap, parents,… [Read More]