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Bacopa GOLD – 500 mg, 90 Vegetarian Capsules (Pure Bacopa Monnieri Extract)

October 28, 2012 Steve 0
Bacopa Gold - 90 Plantcaps, Memory Enhancement Supplement with Organic Bacopa Monnieri Extract Powder
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Bacopa GoldTM by Nutrigold®
Nutrigold’s Bacopa GoldTM is a high potency Bacopa Monnieri formulation with 320mg of Bacopa extract standardized to 55% Bacosides
Bacosides, the active ingredient in Bacopa, are triterpenoid saponins and believed to be responsible for Bacopa’s ability to support learning, attention, memory and overall emotional and cognitive health.*
About Bacopa Bacopa monniera is considered in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to possess adaptogenic, tranquilizing, and antioxidant properties. Bacopa contain Bacosides, the active ingredient thought to support learning, cognition, and memory by enhancing the efficiency of nerve impulse transmission. Bacopa’s antioxidant properties may also offer some protection… [Read More]