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SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow, 24-Inch by 4-Inch

June 29, 2012 Steve 0
SleepRight Splintek Side Sleeping Pillow Memory Foam Pillow - Best Pillow for Sleeping On Your Side - 24
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The SleepRight Pillow is made from premium visco-elastic memory foam, which is a pressure relieving material that is sensitive to body temperature and weight. As your head settles into the facial cradle, the memory foam will softly conform to your personal anatomy. Then it will automatically adjust to your body temperature and weight as your head and neck stabalize in a resting place. When equalizationbetween head weight and the elasticity of the memory foam is achieved , your head and neck posture will be ideally alighned with your spinal column. This greatly minimizes the side effects of pressure points, which… [Read More]